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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

GTAC: Call for Attendance & Proposals

GTAC: Call for Attendance & Proposals

Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC) 2010

Call for Attendance & Proposals

are happy to announce that the application process is now open for
Attendance and Proposals for the Fifth Google Test Automation Conference
GTAC), to be held in Hyderabad, India on October 28 - 29th.

As in previous years, GTAC is an invitation only
conference where we enable sharing of great ideas and active
participation to challenge and refine our thoughts and experiences. As
such the the application process expects you to share your ideas and
insights that you would bring to the conference and how these would
further the discussion about this year’s theme of
Test to Testability. This information will help the committee select a balanced audience of seasoned practitioners, students and academics.

Also this year, we are introducing a participant-driven
format that will give the power to the attendees to select and voice
their opinion on the speakers and the content! To make these changes, we
are opening up proposals and attendance applications simultaneously.
Once the initial set of participants are finalized, we will conduct
online viewing and voting by the participants for presentations.

How to apply
For Attendance: Please visit http://www.gtac.biz/call-for-attendance
For Proposals (to present): Please visit http://www.gtac.biz/call-for-proposals

The due date for both categories of applications is July 9th, 2010.

Registration Fees
There are no registration fees. Please check the FAQ page for more information.

Further information
General website: http://www.gtac.biz/
Call for proposals: http://www.gtac.biz/call-for-proposals
Call for attendance: http://www.gtac.biz/call-for-attendance
FAQ: http://www.gtac.biz/faq
Questions: Email us at gtac-2010@google.com

We look forward to your applications and a great GTAC!
Finally we would appreciate your help in helping us spread the word about this event.

Sujay Sahni on behalf of the GTAC 2010 Committee

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