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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

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Text Cash Network

What will be the difference between Groupon Type Daily Deals and Text Cash Network Daily Deals.

#1 With Groupon Type Daily Deals. The Daily Deal companies collect the funds up front and then passes a portion of such funds back to the business which had to honor such coupons. In many cases the business does not receive any of the funds for up to 60 to 90 days. Putting a tremendous cash flow strain on small businesses. With TEXT CASH NETWORK the consumers pay all of the funds directly to the business. 

#2 With Groupon Type Daily Deals your discount MUST be 50% or greater. With TEXT CASH NETWORK, the business chooses what discount to offer consumers. 

#3 With Groupon Type Daily Deals are actually gift certificates purchased by the consumer. With TEXT CASH NETWORK, they are FREE coupons with a discount offer. 

#4 With Groupon Type Daily Deals, you give up at least 75% (SEVENTY FIVE %!) off your retail price! (50% to the consumer, and 50% of the balance to Groupon!) Your advertising expense is ENORMOUS! With TEXT CASH NETWORK, a local business can publish coupons at any time for a fixed price as low as $99. (These sales are made direct to the businesses from T.C.N. in house sales reps).

#5 With Groupon Type Daily Deals, a business needs to accept an unlimited number of discounted sales. Most businesses are not ready to give up 75% on hundreds of sales? Most businesses can not handle that much low-margin or no-margin at all type business? With TEXT CASH NETWORK, a business can make unlimited changes to their coupon offer for FREE... 24/7... so they can change and tweak and test and measure to find the BEST offer for their business and for their customers. You can improve your offer, reduce it, or take it down ANYTIME. 

#6 With Groupon Type Daily Deals, (BY LAW) you MUST accept their 50% off certificates for at least 5 years! With TEXT CASH NETWORK, a business can set the expiration date for any date. It's their choice. 

#7 With Groupon Type Daily Deals, If a business gets 100 new customers @ 50% discount, Each pays $50 for $100 of the product or service, the business pays Groupon Type Daily Deal Companies $2,500. With TEXT CASH NETWORK, the business will pay an average of $99 to $199 monthly.

#8 Groupon Type Daily Deals do not offer any business loyalty rewards programs. The Johnson Group has spent over 10 years in the consumer loyalty and reward programs. Hands down TEXT CASH NETWORK WINS.