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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Father's Day Crafts In Honor of Father's Day

Father's Day Crafts...

Good Sport Foam Football
Here's a very simple craft for little ones to make for their football fan fathers. Minimal and inexpensive supplies will make this fun foam wall hanging or magnet.

Best Dad Ever Keychain
This craft is so easy for kids to make, even toddlers get into the fun. Give this gift to Dad and he will absolutely love it. A great gift for Father's Day or his birthday, he'll cherish it and carry it around proudly. Better than a tie any day!

Painted Coffee Mug for Dad
Painting on a coffee cup is just as easy as painting on a piece of paper or wood. Use this simple yet cute design for your Father's Day coffee mug, or create your very own! The possibilities are endless.

Baseball Plaque
If your Dad is a baseball fan, this plaque, made to look like an autographed baseball, is an ideal gift. Great for hanging in his office, above his tool box, or by his baseball memorabilia.

Nuts and Bolts Paperweights
If your kids love crafts, help them show their love for Dad, too, with this fun gift idea.


How Busy Parents Can Stay Involved  
With today's hustling and bustling lifestyles, we as parents often find it a challenge to squeeze everything in to our already overflowing schedule.

Father's Day 101
Anyone will tell you, becoming a father is a learning process. There are things, though, that you can't read in a book or hear from your parents or even Oprah.

The Importance of the Father/Child Bond
To this day, spending time with my kids continues to be one of my favorite activities. To not spend time with my children is unfathomable.

A Father's Day Celebration
I think it is safe to say that one of the ways to a Dad's heart really is through his stomach.
My Special Daddy
Have a little fun with the kids this year in honor of Dad with this printable fill-in-the-blanks for Father's Day!

Listen to Daddy
Listening to what isn't being said. Learning about what's important in a parent/adult child relationship
Dad's First Solo Flight
Anyone who thinks raising a child is easy has got another thing coming. But when you love your children, you'll do anything for them ... with a smile.

Get Involved!
Help your children learn the value of service and community involvement by providing a good example.

Fatherhood Before the Teenage Years
Fatherhood is definitely an interesting job. I have three terrific children.

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Some of my favorite masculine spaces via Lonny and Haus Design.

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