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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Update! Speakers & Talks for GTAC 2010

Update! Speakers & Talks for GTAC 2010

We are thrilled to announce the speakers and talks for the 5th Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC). This year’s event will have a total of 11 talks. This includes the three keynotes
that we announces earlier and eight other talks. These talks span the
three sub-categories of Testing, Testability and Test Automation which
are an integral part of this year’s theme “Test to Testability”.

we had shared earlier, for this year’s GTAC we used a new process of
letting the selected attendees vote on the talks they wanted be a part
of GTAC. The committee tallied the votes and ensures a healthy
distribution between topics and participants from across the globe and
relevance to our theme. We received over 80 submissions and have an
acceptance rate of about 10%. Our thanks to everyone who submitted a
proposal and all the attendees who voted to make this a successful

Here is the list of talks. More details can be found at the select talks page on the GTAC site.

Category: Testing
  • Early Test Feedback by Test Prioritisation (Shin Yoo, University College London & Robert Nilsson, Google Inc.)
  • Crowd-source testing, Mozilla community style (Matt Evans, Mozilla)
  • Measuring
    and Monitoring Experience in Interactive Streaming Multimedia Web
    Applications (Shreeshankar Chatterjee, Adobe Systems India)
Category: Testability
  • Flexible Design? Testable Design? You Don’t Have To Choose! (Russ Rufer and Tracy Bialik, Google Inc.)
  • Git Bisect and Testing (Christian Couder)
  • Lessons Learned from Testability Failures (Esteban Manchado Velazquez, Opera Software ASA)
Category: Test Automation
  • The Future of Front-End Testing (Greg Dennis and Simon Stewart, Google Inc.)
  • Twist, a next generation functional testing tool for building and evolving test suites (Vivek Prahlad, ThoughtWorks)
For further information on the conference please visit its webpage at http://www.gtac.biz.

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