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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Google Test Automation Conference 2010 - Hyderabad, India

Google Test Automation Conference 2010 - Hyderabad, India

Thanks for all the enquiries about this year's GTAC event. We have been busy planning and are now ready to share the details. GTAC 2010 will be hosted by Google office in Hyderabad, India on October 28th & 29th, 2010.

As in previous years, the focus of the conference will be on solving software engineering challenges using tools and automation. This year the conference theme is "Test to Testability". With this theme our goal is to look beyond the challenges faced during testing and the complex products that are being developed today. We also want to highlight methodologies and tools that can be used to build testability into our products and to look at how developer tools can be a means towards effective and efficient testing. GTAC 2010 hopes to bring together a group that shares lessons learned and practical experiences regarding testing web apps, services, and systems.

One of the strengths of the conference is that it's driven by a peer group and vocal participation. As in previous years, GTAC is an invitation only conference to share great ideas and to have your thoughts challenged and refined. When you apply, we will be asking you to share with us what ideas and insights you'll be bringing to the conference and how these can further the discussion. The application process for attending will be opening in mid-May 2010.

Today we are also launching the official site for this event and will be updating it and this blog with relevant information in the coming weeks. The next announcement will be a call for attendance and proposals, so do watch these spaces.

Please send suggestions, questions and recommendations to: gtac-2010@google.com or post your comments here to this blog.

Looking forward to having a great set of participants and presenters to make this a fun and valuable learning event!

Sujay Sahni on behalf of the GTAC 2010 Committees

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Update! Speakers & Talks for GTAC

We are thrilled to announce the speakers and talks for the 4th Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC). Competition was fierce: we received over 100 submissions and have an acceptance rate of lower than 10%.
  • Testing Applications on Mobile Devices (Doron Reuveni, uTest)
  • JsTestDriver (Jeremie Lenfang-Engelmann, Misko Hevery, Google)
  • Fighting Layout Bugs (Michael Tamm, optivo GmbH)
  • Even better than the real thing - Lessons learned from testing GWT applications (Nicolas Wettstein, Google)
  • Selenium: to 2.0 and Beyond! (Simon Stewart, Google)
  • Automating Performance Test Data Collection and Reporting (David Burns, David Henderson, smartFOCUS DIGITAL)
  • Achieving Web Test Automation with a Mixed-Skills Team (Mark Micallef, BBC Future Media and Technology)
  • Score One for Quality! (Joshua Williams and Ross Smith, Microsoft)
  • Automatic workarounds for web applications (Antonio Carzaniga, Alessandra Gorla, Nicolò Perino, Mauro Pezzè, University of Lugano )
  • Precondition Satisfaction by Smart Object Selection in Random Testing (Yi Wei, Serge Gebhardt, ETH Zurich)
For further information on the conference please visit its wepage at http://www.gtac.biz.

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