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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Webinar and GTAC Followup

Webinar and GTAC Followup

By James Whittaker

I've given all the talks I am going to give and said all that I am going to say for 2010. Breath a sigh of relief and raise your glasses to the sweet sound of silence.

The aftermath of the uTest webinar is here. Thanks to uTest for hosting and putting up with me.

My GTAC 2010 talk is here. But far better is my introduction by Testivus. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I hereby declare insults to be out-and-out envy. To our female readers, you may need to have some understanding of the male penchant for funny insults - it's a weird guy thing. But I don't care who you are ... this stuff is funny! And to answer your question: NO I did not see Alberto's video of me before I spoke. It was all new to me.

Hope to see you next year in the blog-o-sphere and at a couple of conferences. I'll be (at least) at GTAC 2011 which is in Mountain View and Euro STAR in Manchester, England (will lecture for a ticket to a Premier League football match).

Much more to come in the new year. Peace to all.

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