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Tuesday, 26 July 2011



Back To Top and Back To Bottom Buttons

back to bottom buttonsI wondered why don't we use back to bottom buttons just like back to top and this idea led me to jump at Photoshop again. The collection today consists of 20 high quality PNG static images that will allow your visitors to scroll up or scroll down thus making site navigation more easy and enjoying. Visitors are often too lazy to click Home or End button in the keyboard to scroll up or down the page and therefore these buttons will offer a much better flexibility to users to jump up or down as they wish and enjoy browsing through your blogs.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Add Country Flag & Frames To Google Plus Profile Photos

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Google Plus image tricksWhen it is Google things are always extra ordinary. Google recently added Picnik to Google+ which is a image editing tool to add amazing effects to your G+ profile photos. You can crop, resize, rotate, fix red eye and do a lot more with this cool tool. One of the unique feature of Picnik is that it allows you to add text to your profile photos and not just that, you can also stick your country flag or any sports logo to your photo. You can even paint your profile pic! We edited the photo on the left side using Google+. Lets learn how.

Add Cool Image Effects To Google+ Profile Photos In Picnik

Picnik is a great image editing online tool that helps you to add amazing effects to your pictures on Google Plus. You can edit your profile photos by adjusting color and contrast, fix red-eye or even add stickers and text.  At present picnik can be used to edit profile photo only and with time I am sure Google will allow its use for editing other photos in your albums. You have complete control on the appearance of your profile pictures now with this useful tool. You can crop and auto fix it to give it a clear look and if you are too patriot then you can even add your Country Flag to your profile pic by choosing the Create Option in picnik as discussed below.

Make Your Google Plus Profile Picture Full size

GOOGLE-PLUS-PROFILE-PHOTO-SI did a detailed analysis of what image dimensions are supported by Google+ for Profile Pic and scrapbook thumbnail images. Unfortunately the maximum image size supported by Google Plus is comparatively much smaller to Facebook which is 540px by 180px. The maximum profile image resolution in Google+ is 202px by 192px. This is my mere approximation and I can be wrong by 1 pixel more or less but as far as I could calculate the image dimensions using Photoshop, this was what I observed. So If you wish to use a clear cut image of yourself or your brand or product then make sure that you keep these image details in mind.

How To Use Google Plus On iPhone and Android?

google+ for androidGoogle+ Project has become viral by supporting latest mobile technologies. You can easily use Google plus with all its features like uploading photos, videos, sharing streams, creating circles and hangouts with latest mobile phones such as Google Android, Apple iOS, blackberry, Nokia Symbian and Windows Phone 7. Google Plus's instant photo upload lets you take pictures on your smart phone and instantly/automatically upload them on your Google plus profile and thereby share it with all your friends in the circle. All you need is to download Google+ applications for your smart Android and iphone mobile.

Find out Background Colors Of Images and Fonts on a Website

find web element colorsI am sharing another of my favorite Firefox add-on that will help you find out the colors used on different sections by a website or blog. This add-on is know as colorzilla and it offers many options. You can pick up a color used on a webpage, you can also zoom a page and enlarge its size but the best thing I like about it is its selection option which gives you important information regarding the webpage div sections and CSS classes.  This tool comes with Advanced Eyedropper, ColorPicker, Page Zoomer and other useful options for web designers. Kindly first download it by clicking here.

Find out What Fonts Family a Website is Using

find font detailsWeb Fonts are the sole reason behind the outstanding web designs that you see today. Most often while visiting a blogger blog or website you wish to know what font type, font family. font color or font size the page is using. It is a perfect tool for web designers and developers to find out font details of a web page. Most people are not that skilled to find the answer using the source code of the page but know thanks to amazing Firefox Add-ons things are becoming more simple and easy to use. With Firefox Add-on Font Finder you can now easily analyze every single bit of information related to the Font being used. This little add-on lets you find 9 set of important information which are,

Friday, July 22, 2011

Add Facebook Comments Plugin To IFRAME TABS

facebook comments plugin in tabsWe shared detailed tutorials on how to create a custom Facebook Tab and how to design a Facebook Template. We added navigation and drop down menus to the tabs giving it a website look and the only thing it lacked was a commenting system so that your Fans may post you questions directly on your Like Page Custom Tabs. Success of any business lies in its brand presentation. Almost every web owner has a Fan Page but very few have Custom Welcome Landing Pages which may showcase your brand. See the demo below and see the different tabs on my Facebook profile to get an idea

Create a Contact Form With File Upload Option

Email contact-formThe contact form that I am using on this blog is from emailmeform and it is all free but customized using CSS. I previously published a post on how to customize contact form provided by emailmeform but later due to change in the coding provided by them the styling do not work for new forms so today we will learn to create a simple contact form with no company Ads and along with an upload option that will allow your visitors to send you files straight from your website. The files can be a text file, video, audio, pdf, gif, png, anything. Follow these steps:

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Customize Feedburner Chicklet Feed Count Text

customize feedburner chicklet countA blog's success lies in the quality of its content and fellowship which is also termed as readership. The more subscribers you have the more you groom as an authority and trustful resource for knowledge amongst your visitors. Blog subscribers are the integral part of your online career. You are being judged by the number of readers you have. A good subscription box boosts the Feed count and results in reader growth similar effect is applied by that little dynamic Feedburner xml button i.e Chicklets . By default the chicklet displays number of subscribers as "**** readers"  The feed count is followed by the text "readers" amazingly with a little code you can change the appearance of this graphic text. You can turn readers into fans or followers. Follow up:

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