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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

GTAC 2011 Keynotes

GTAC 2011 Keynotes

By James Whittaker

I am pleased to confirm 3 of our keynote speakers for GTAC 2011 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View CA.

Google's own Alberto Savoia, aka Testivus.

Steve McConnell the best selling author of Code Complete and CEO of Construx Software.

Award winning speaker ("the Jon Stewart of Software Security") Hugh Thompson.

This is the start of an incredible lineup. Stay tuned for updates concerning their talks and continue to nominate additional speakers and keynotes. We're not done yet and we're taking nominations through mid July.

In addition to the keynotes, we're going to be giving updates on How Google Tests Software from teams across the company including Android, Chrome, Gmail, You Tube and many more.

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