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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Google Image Search Shows

Google Image Search Shows More Information About Photos

Google's image search engine started to show additional information about photos after clicking the results. The landing page's sidebar includes EXIF data: camera, settings, focal length, flash usage and exposure bias.

"Additional details are found from within the image file, often saved there by the digital camera that took the picture or the application that generated the image. This data can also be manually added or changed after the image has been created. Google doesn't create or change this data in images created by others. The data is saved using the Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) specification and can include details about the type of camera that took the image, the camera settings (like aperture, focal length, exposure length, and flash settings), and the copyright and usage rights associated with the image by the person who created or edited the image," explains Google.

Another change is that you can click "more sizes" for other versions of the image and "similar images" for visually related images. The sidebar also includes the search result's snippet.

The sidebar can also include a list of related searches, which offer a lot of information about the image and help you find similar images:

Google should also add links to the previous and the next search result so that you don't have to go back to the list of results.


  1. So, all that helpful information he gave and all you can say is "Stop saying uhm!"? My guess is you probably didn't get much out of what he said if you were so focused on him saying "um."

  2. If your EXIF is generated by a GPS-enabled device then there's the risk that a photo reveals more than you'd like it to. True, it's already there, but it's not generably searchable. The question is: will we be able to search for images by GPS coordinates, or to specify EXIF tags to search? If so, well, my camera embeds its serial number in the EXIF info ... so any photo I've taken will be revealed by this. There are privacy ramifications, certainly.

    You can opt to remove EXIF info, of course, when you render out your images before upload ... but it's too late for those images which weren't searchable via this information prior to knowing that they're going to index it, nor is it reasonable for people to remove EXIF info generally, as they have no choice about it being embedded nor do they even know it exists.

  3. Google Image Search doesn't show information about location in the sidebar and you can't filter the results using data from the EXIF tags. Picasa Web Albums lets you pick a camera model and restrict the results to photos taken with that digital camera.