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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Fleetwood Mac Man Of The World Lyrics

Fleetwood Mac Man Of The World Lyrics

Written by Peter Green.

Shall I tell you about my life
They say I'm a man of the world
I've flown across every tide
And I've seen lots of pretty girls

I guess I've got everything I need
I would't ask for more
And there's no one I'd rather be
But I just wish that I'd never been born


And I need a good woman
to make me feel like a good man should
I don't say I'm a good man
Oh, but I would be if I could

I could tell you about my life
And keep you amused I'm sure
About all the times I've cried
And how I don't want to be sad anymore
And how I wish I was in love

1 comment:

  1. i see nothing strange with it. i'm 33, i grew up with bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, and many others, and newer bands of course. I believe that good music will last and will be heard forever !

    Hang on a minute - I was born in 1964 (I'm 47 to save you working it out) and I was too young to remember most of the bands you mentioned (well maybe Black Sabbath) so you either lived in a former life or you're a lot older than you think are! You've got good taste though!

    well, i will answer with a Uriah Heep song, Traveller In Time,

    i like newer bands and music too of course, and not only rock or metal music, but i always listen to the bands i grew up with, and i still look for music from the past, music that was very popular when i was not born yet :)