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Monday, 25 July 2011

Business One solution starter packages now available ON SAP

Business One solution starter packages now available ON SAP

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KARACHI: SAP AG in a move to better meet the needs of even the smallest of companies, has announced the availability of starter packages for the SAP Business One solution.

SAP channel partners now can offer a fixed-price, small-scale option for companies needing to equip only one to five users with business software.

Offered at a reduced price, starter packages for SAP Business One comprise the basic finance, sales, purchasing, customer relationship management and inventory functionality databases that small companies need to run their businesses. Hassan Jamal, Country Liaison Manager SAP Pakistan said, “SAP Pakistan aims to continuously provide better options to Pakistani businesses, giving them heads up in today’s competitive environment”.

The software is ideal for those that need more than standard accounting or non-integrated business software and understand the benefits of a fully integrated business management solution. The starter package is available for all countries and a language supported by SAP Business One and is initially offered as a pre-packaged solution for specific countries including Pakistan. staff report

See how Starter Package software stacks up functionally to standard SAP Business One:
Comparing SAP Business One to Starter Package


  1. Business Challenges

    * Meet growing business needs with an integrated yet affordable business management software solution
    * Access the right information to make key decisions
    * Minimize duplicate data entries, errors, and delays
    * Build and maintain closer customer relationships
    * Optimize cash flow for business needs

  2. Key Features

    * Accounting and financials – Manage your general ledger, journals, and accounts payable and receivable
    * Sales and customer relationship management – Track sales opportunities from first contact to the close of sale, and manage and maintain customer contacts
    * Purchasing and vendor relationship management – Manage the complete order-to-pay cycle, including receipts, invoices, and returns
    * Inventory and distribution – Manage your inventory and operations, including delivery and billing
    * Reporting and administration – Access critical business information to generate timely and accurate reports

  3. Business Benefits

    * Streamline business processes and help ensure efficient and effective operations
    * Meet core business needs in a single, integrated software solution that can be expanded as your business grows
    * Achieve greater peace of mind knowing your business is being supported by SAP
    * Gain faster time to value by using software that can be implemented quickly at a fixed price, requires little maintenance, and minimizes end-user training
    * Maximize your return on investment by beginning with the starter package and upgrading to the extended functionality if needed

  4. SAP Business One Starter Package

    Small Business Software for 1 to 5 Users

    The starter package for the SAP® Business One application is an integrated business management solution for small companies with 5 users or less. It addresses your fundamental business requirements with basic finance, sales, purchasing, customer relationship management, and inventory functionality. You’ll gain instant visibility and control while building a stable software foundation to support your evolving business needs.

  5. Starter packages equip one to five users. Implementation takes only three to 10 days. One blogger in the SAP Community Network was a little dubious: “Is this really possible?” Here’s the gist of the replies he received. Of course, the implementation timeline depends on the scope of the project, but in an ideal situation – read no customization or add-ons – it is definitely possible to go live in three to 10 days.

    When it’s time to upgrade to a standard SAP Business One solution, there is no configuration necessary. And you only pay for the new functionality. The starter packages themselves are offered at a reduced price from Business One. SAP partners in some regions also offer a fixed price package which includes the software and implementation.

    Starter packages for SAP Business One are available in every language and country where Business One solutions are offered. That’s over 80 countries, 40 country versions, and 25 languages.

  6. To get a view of the SAP Business One starter package for yourself and see it in action, feel free to vist my site dedicated to the solution at http://www.getagreatstart.com or the official SAP page at http://www.sap.com/sme/howtobuy/businessone/starter-package/index.epx . Richard Duffy SAP Business One Product Evangelist richard.duffy@sap.com