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Friday, 30 September 2011

Inside Google's Search Office

Inside Google's Search Office

(hosted by the Churchill Club) 

 I’ve been working with Matt Cutts and Ben Gomes in the same office for over 10 years. We work on search every day, and earlier this week, we took our office talk to the stage at an event hosted by the Churchill Club. Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan moderated our in-depth discussion on search, how it works, and what’s ahead for us in the future. We also reminisced about first joining Google, the time my car ran out of gas as Ben and I discussed a change to the algorithm, and other great memories over the years.

Come sit inside our office for a chat about Google Search:


  • To hear more about the principles that drive changes to the algorithm and how these changes are tested and implemented, go to 15:40
  • To hear the discussion on why we don’t hand-pick results, start watching at 41:04
  • For more on my vision for the future of search, jump to 1:12:28
  • Guess who Danny thinks is the brains, looks, and brawn of this operation at 1:08 (hint: I’m the brains).

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  1. Summary: Google search teammates Matt Cutts, Ben Gomes, and Amit Singhal have worked together for over a decade in what was described as the “cool kids’ office.”

    In this edition of the Churchill Club podcast series, a panel walks through the day in the life of Google’s search team.

    Speakers were

    Matt Cutts, Principal Engineer, Google
    Ben Gomes, Google Fellow, Google
    Amit Singhal, Google Fellow, Google

    The moderator was Danny Sullivan, Editor In Chief, SearchEngineLand.com.

    Here’s the short version.