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Friday, 30 September 2011

Are you ready to switch to Gmail?

Are you ready to switch to Gmail? 

You must have heard about Facebook announcing the new kind of email system for its users, He recently said "This is a messaging system that includes email as one part of it."
His new messaging system is something different from the current Email system.m Its not an email but email is a part of this messaging system and Facebook users will be able to communicate over different channels (SMS, Email, Chat or Messages).

There is no need to change your email

Well, I have reached at a stage that I can’t changes my email address now. Its too critical for me. If I’ll do so, I am going to be unproductive for some time. And I think many people will agree to this. Email will always have its own place no matter what comes in and what goes out.
Don’t think of few handful of techies, geeks who keep jumping to one technology to the other. There are a large number people who still will be using Gmail.
Also, there are many people who like the simplicity of email. An Email is a thing which is used to register on every website, you need to give your email address in forms, both offline and online. You need to show it on the hard copy of your Resume. You use your email to send files at attachments, No matter what gets invented, an email will always be there as it has been for years.
There is one reason to change your current email address to @facebook.com because you have got a change to get your desired email, (Your Name @facebook.com). 

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