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Saturday, 1 October 2011

How to make money with google products

How to make money with google products 

Google is the biggest internet company in the world (and one of the biggest companies in general) and as the dominant one in the online business community, the company is giving us a lot of opportunities to work from home and to make money online.
So, what are the Google products we can work from home and make money with?

Google Adsense- The most popular and profitable advertising platform online. After you sign up there are many ways to make money with Google Adsense with and without a website. It is the basic program you need to register to, because its the base to earn with many other products and programs.

Google Affiliate Network- Although its less popular than other affiliate networks, the Google Affiliate Network is gaining big momentum in the last 12 months. Today, you can market many of the leading brands on the web with Google Affiliate Network and earn generous commissions.

Google Custom Search- If you have a website or a blog, you can use the most powerful thing of Google- Its search engine! You can integrate a Google search box on your site and choose if it will be used to search only on your website or the whole web. You earn money from sponsored results.

Youtube- If you have a Youtube channel and you love to publish videos, you can make money from it! Just define it in your Adsense account and in your Youtube account and make money from your videos!

Feedburner- The feeds (RSS) program of Google. If you have a blog, register it at Feedburner and monetize it with Adsense. There are many readers online that prefer to read directly from their RSS reader and you can post your ads over there also.

Blogger- Blogger is a free blog platform you can create from Google. Start your own free blog, discuss, talk, review and write about whatever you want and you can integrate Adsense ads inside.

Google In-Game Advertising- If you are a web-based games creator or developer, Google can help you to make money from it.

Almost any person who work from home is using Google products to make money. I suggest you to visit all of these products so you will have a better sense how to maximize your work from home profits.

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